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HSLS and its partnership network have spent most of their years in the healthcare space, either in the private, public, for-profit or non-profit sectors. Drawing on past experiences to create a diverse team of experts, we created our own lane in the health care landscape. Most importantly, we are champions of equitable and transformational health solutions that improve business performance in a health ecosystem that is constantly changing.

HealthScape is always looking around the corner to what’s next. We help clients flourish in complexity, offering innovative insights and pragmatic solutions. We are more than a brand—our people are our greatest asset. We nurture our professionals, create an environment of excellence, and build relationships based on follow-through and trust. Our work isn’t about what we do. It’s about what we do together. We collaborate with our clients, embedding resources and becoming a member of your team. That’s how we are able to cultivate a lasting and meaningful impact. 


Federal, State and Local Government, Biomedical start-ups, Health Care Investors, Specialty Health Organizations, Media and Entertainment companies, Community-based Organizations, Health Professionals, Academic Institutions, Think Tanks, Patient Advocacy Groups, Consumer Advocacy Organizations, Health Systems & Provider- Sponsored Plans, Commercial and Government Health Plans, Health Delivery Systems, Health Centers, Clinics, and others with health equity at the center of all we do.


HSLS believes every stakeholder should be empowered to understand the “why” of all health care decisions. We are focused on innovating for tomorrow and forging a holistic and value-based health landscape.