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HealthScape LifeSciences is Creating Health Solutions

We are committed to one industry—healthcare. We work with health plans, health systems and provider-sponsored plans, specialty health organizations and healthcare investors to help them gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic healthcare market. But beyond today’s issues, it is our focus on the future that sets us apart. While we provide market-driven strategies and drive superior problem solving, our ability to help our clients identify opportunities and execute solutions is what creates long-term value. Join HSLS in creating holistic health opportunities for all
Biomedical & Life Sciences Industries

Biomedical & Life Sciences Industries

We strategically develop enterprise-wide health-focused stakeholder engagement tools, standards and approaches that facilitate and may activate regulatory decision-making, patient-centered educational programs, grass-root/grass-top campaigns and policy initiatives.

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Vision & Eye Health

Vision & Eye Health

We provide subject matter expertise across cross-functional teams working in corporate provider relations, practice management, optical products, employee, medicare, and medicaid insurance. As well as consumer, caregiver and patient relations spaces.

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Federal Medical & Regulatory Science

Federal Medical & Regulatory Science

We build bridges not fences with healthcare and hospital system administrators. We help our constituencies navigate federal, regional and state governmental health and regulatory agencies.

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Let's Collaborate

“Outstanding Leadership in Engaging Public-Private Collaborators”

“I have known Dr. Helene Clayton-Jeter for approximately 5 years as I had the pleasure of working with her on the Enhanced Adherence Strategic Initiative (EASi) Board. I first met her when she proactively recruited me from my division of Cardiovascular and Renal Products at the FDA to serve as a representative from the drug-side of the FDA to the Million Hearts Campaign. Dr. Jeter was enthusiastically involved in this initiative to serve the public by fulfilling the objective to reduce strokes and heart attacks by 1-million. We formed the EASi Board, and Dr. Jeter recruited most of the key board members and orchestrated the initial meetings, starting with an FDA Grand Rounds event. Since that time, Dr. Jeter tirelessly worked on the EASi Board that led to two significant publications on which she is a co-author (State-of-Art paper in JACC on Medication Adherence and Review Paper in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension on Racial and Ethnic Disparities). Through Dr. Jeter, we became integrated into the National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention for which she received a National Forum Chair Recognition Award in October 2017 for her outstanding leadership in engaging public-private collaborators. Dr. Jeter is highly intelligent, insightful, clear-thinking, energetic, always enthusiastic, and an outstanding leader producing fruitful outcomes.”

Fred Senatore MD, Ph.D.

FACC Medical Officer, US Food and Drug Administration

“Rare Visionary”

“ Helene is the rare visionary that works tirelessly to see the vision realized! Her capabilities and skill sets run deep, but I especially appreciate two: her passion for finding solutions to ethnic health-related disparities, and her ability to collaborate with disparate stakeholders from renowned researchers to community groups in disease hot spots.”

Arnie Joseph

President & Founder of Chroma Health Solutions

“Instrumental in Helping Build Bridges…”

“While I was at Diabetes Hands Foundation, Dr. Clayton-Jeter was instrumental in helping build bridges between the FDA and the diabetes community, which led to increased involvement of people with diabetes in FDA public events. She helped both sides navigate the space together, resulting in the patient voice being heard even more at FDA.”

Manny Hernandez

Head of Community at Livongo

“Extremely passionate about her work…”

“Helene is extremely organized and effective in accomplishing projects. She was my preceptor while I was interning at the Office of Special Health Issues, and provided specific, realistic, applicable guidance for future opportunities, particularly because she also has a clinical background. She is extremely passionate about her work, and inspired the same sense of passion in me. It was a true honor and pleasure working with and learning from Helene.”

Neha Patel

Life Sciences and Regulatory Associate at Arnold & Porter

“Always highly creative … and an outstanding communicator”

“Dr. Helene Clayton-Jeter is a powerful force in the health care policy arena. Since meeting her more than ten years ago, I have observed many of her professional milestones and accomplishments, including as a highly respected frontline clinician, an extraordinarily caring doctor focused on physician education, training and accountability and a dedicated public official committed at all times to safeguarding quality health care standards and advancing the cause of public health. Always highly creative and relentlessly energetic, and an outstanding communicator, Dr. Clayton-Jeter knows how to build and maintain consensus by making full use of her unique blend of experience with patients, with top government officials and with health sector executives, and her record of policy innovation and success reflects exactly that.”

John Hymes

Executive Director of the American Optometric Association