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Biomedical and Life Sciences



HSLS responds to funding opportunities as an entity, in partnership with and on behalf of their clients.  Organizations and companies seek the expertise of HSLS in the areas of health disparities/health equity, medical product approvals/clearance, health and technology, clinical research, patient, consumer, and health care provider advocacy that spans various medical disciplines most often in the areas of optometry, ophthalmology, cardiology, and endocrinology.

 Key Activities

HSLS assembles cross-functional teams to meet the requirements of funding opportunity applications and solicitations.  The research team may consist of a federal government supported entity, private industry, or a public/private partnership.   Stakeholder consortia such as universities/academic institutions,  senior compliance officer, clinical research coordinator, experienced project and program managers, and others, are bought together by HSLS ability to galvanize the right people around the task, assigning roles and responsibilities among other management duties.

When clients desire to apply for funding opportunities with our assistance, HSLS manages the application process and prepares the submission.   If pre-meetings are involved, HSLS coordinates the effort, collecting necessary information, formulates the questions, and represents the client.  HSLS can do all the heavy lifting or serve only in an advisory role.


HSLS, with its’ vast network of built relationships with HHS, FDA, CDC, CMS, NIH, and other federal agencies, provides strategic insights and planning with regulatory applications for approvals and clearances of medical products at the FDA.   We also facilitate discussions and collaborations with federal entities.  State regulatory experience allows HSLS to assist clients with the navigation of the regulatory maze and provide innovative approaches that foster successful engagements with pertinent stakeholders.

Key Activities

HSLS performs environmental scans, in-depth research, and strategic planning sessions to bring the information and the minds together to etch out the tactical plans and activities.   HSLS provides innovative tools and ideas with the client based on industry norms and new industry frontiers. HSLS provides as little or as much as needed to satisfy clients.


HSLS provides advisory and consultative services, emphasizing meeting facilitation, project and program development, management and execution, research study coordination, technical writing, and data gathering/analysis. We develop a unifying strategy that unites innovative ideas and quantifiable objectives that empowers healthcare industry players to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity.  Performance measures are data-driven and action-oriented. HSLS is a small firm with a big presence in the healthcare industry.