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Managed Senior Services

For Managed Senior Services (MSS) we helped this business boost local and national awareness of their services, and opened doors for potential partnerships.

Key Activities

MSS provides guidance and expertise to Medicare-eligible individuals, employers, physicians, organizations, and others on the basics of Medicare and supplemental health insurance. Through strategic outreach, we provided MSS with avenues for partnership with executive level administrators.

For example, we got them a meeting with the CEO of the Richmond Academy of Medicine. Since then, Managed Senior Services has created partnerships with multiple stakeholders, including local and regional entities, the VA Department of Corrections Reentry Program, Anthem Care, and more. Furthermore, we developed a healthcare provider collaborative guideline for MSS that aligned local physicians with health care insurers. For MSS physician clients, this enhanced medical practice operations, and, ultimately, led to the retention of more patients.



After working with HSLS, MSS was able to educate the masses on the services they provide. MSS was able to enhance and sustain their engagement with local and national healthcare and hospital system administrators, an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), ecumenical organizations, and medical professional organizations (to name a few). Overall, MSS was able to streamline their operations, and increase their impact in educating the masses on the basics of Medicare and supplemental health insurance.