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VSP Vision Care

For VSP Vision Care we assisted with the development of an educational module that provided doctors of optometry (OD’s) and their staff members with a comprehensive framework that informed—and will eventually—train them on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Key Activities 

VSP Global is a vision care health insurance company operating in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the US, and the UK. It has about 80 million people worldwide and is the largest vision insurance company in the US. We worked with VSP’s Vision Care division to facilitate collaboration amongst cross-functional teams, with a focus on pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes preventive services and awareness.

We created and executed a one hour interactive educational session at VSP’s 2019 Premier Conference in Phoenix, Arizona that increased awareness around diabetes prevention and personalized health care. The module was presented to three groups of 200 optometrists and their staff members.

During the sessions, we contributed our subject matter expertise on pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes while exploring the role of the OD. We also engaged our audiences through physical movement and interactive polling, leading attendees through a day-in-the-life type two diabetes simulator.


Key Discussion Topics included:

  • Prevalence, morbidity and mortality data of pre-diabetes & type 2 diabetes in the US
  • Market trends and technological advancements
  • Economic prospects & solutions
  • Co-management Opportunities: Advantages for OD’s and Patients
  • Diabetes Prevention ROIs

Additionally, we negotiated contracts for VSP at the executive level with external diabetes patient advocacy groups and healthcare professional organizations.


By serving as subject-matter experts during discussions with external and internal stakeholders, we catalyzed engagement and knowledge around type 2 diabetes prevention. Our external stakeholders, included: The American Optometric Association, The American Diabetes Association, The Association of Diabetes Care, and other partners who specialize in public health education.

The preliminary module that we developed and delivered to OD’s and their staff members, built bridges between OD’s and other healthcare providers, the medical technology industry and the vision insurance industry. What’s more, is that many of VSP’s Premier Conference attendees who attended our session expressed that they had found the module to be fun, inviting, and informative.

In collaboration with cross-functional teams working in corporate provider relations, practice management, optical products, consumer and patient relations divisions and industry partners, we utilized data-driven solutions to create curriculum topics and curated tools in order for OD’s to detect pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes for at-risk patients.